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Franklin County Varsity Sports Report
The Money Doctor
The Singing Wilderness & Eco Beat Hour

Hosted by Bobby C.

Bobby C. provides you with the inside scoop on all the teams from Greenfield High School, Turners Falls High School, Pioneer Valley Regional School, Frontier Regional School, Mohawk Trail Regional High School, & Franklin County Technical School.

            January 8, 2018            

            January 1, 2018            

            December 18, 2017            

            December 11, 2017            

            November 27, 2017            

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Hosted by Frances Rahaim, Ph. D.

An upbeat, positive, feel-good show not just about debt, but about local business people and individuals who have something to offer by way of their personal stories, and who are generous enough to share that on the air.

            "Emotional Transition"            
Guest, Author Vincent Interlande

            A Phoenix from the Ashes            
On Location at the JEHH Foundation 5K Race

            "All That Endures"            
Guest, Wilson Roberts, Author

            A Visit to Gary's Coins & Antiques            
Guest, Gary Konvelski

            The Lore of the Irish, Part 2            
Guest, Harpist, Songstress, & Composer Rosemary (Rosie) Caine

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Hosted by Beth Adams

This show features live interviews with event organizers, authors, and advocates promoting cleaner, greener, and healthier energy for future generations.

            May 4, 2017---Guest, Andy Grant            
A rock solid member of the Just Roots community enlightens listeners about his organization's mission, goals, current projects, and upcoming opportunities. He invites folks to get involved by visiting www.justroots.org.

            April 13, 2017---Guest, Rachel Smolker, Ph.D. (Biology/Ecology)            
The co-director of Biofuelwatch (US-UK) discusses local to global concerns, from a fracked gas pipeline proposed to pass through a sensitive bioreserve in Hinesberg, VT, to threats to global climate stability and biodiversity because of EU rules categorizing wood as a 0 emission fuel.

            February 16, 2017---Guest, Rolf Cachat-Schilling            
A Nipmuk & Mohawk descendant shares information about his recently completed research, published by the Massachusetts Archeological Society, identifying 64 sacred sites in Shutesbury.

            January 26, 2017---Guest, Nancy Hazard            
A life-long promoter of local-to-global clean, sustainable, energy solutions, and co-founder of Greening Greenfield, urges you to help promote the promising new legislative goals of MA Power Forward's 2017-2018 100% Clean Energy Campaign.

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